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According to a mathematician, in the El Niño lottery, the amount distributed in small refund prizes, known as “Reintegro”, is three times higher than in the Spanish Christmas lottery.

Those who do not receive a prize in the Spanish Christmas lottery may be blessed with luck through the special El Niño draw, whose first prize has been won 5 times in Zaragoza. The El Niño draw will once again end the winter holidays distributing €560 million in prizes.

Mathematics supports the popular belief that ‘El Niño’ pays more prizes, and the primary reason why it is said that opportunities to earn some money with El Niño are greater than those of the Spanish Christmas Lottery lays in the distribution of refunds, according to Miguel Cordoba, Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University CEU San Pablo.

“In the Spanish Christmas lottery and then in the Primitiva lottery, only 10% of the sales goes to the Reintegro option, where you get a refund on your purchase, while in the ‘El Niño’ lottery and in the weekly lotteries, almost 30% goes to the Reintegro refund prizes. This is one reason why we say that the winnings of the El Niño lottery are distributed among a higher number of players.

Specifically, in the Spanish Christmas Lottery draw, 14,008 numbers out of 100,000 will be awarded a prize, while 85,992 will receive nothing, and the players who own the last ones will lose the money they spent. In the El Niño draw however, a larger number of players at least get back a refund on the money they spent for playing (37,812 numbers out of 100,000 will be awarded a prize, while 62,188 will receive nothing).

The weekly Spanish National Lottery is similar to the “El Niño” lottery, producing 35,841 winning numbers out of the 100,000 issued. Given these figures, the probability of winning something in ‘El Niño’ is 7.82% while in the Christmas Lottery it is 5%. In weekly lotteries it is 5.84%, according to the Professor of Mathematics.

40 series of 100,000 tickets each have been issued for the El Niño draw. The total emission is €800 million, out of which 70% is distributed as prizes: €560 million.

The most important prizes of the El Nino lottery are as follows:

  • A first prize of €2 million per serie (€200,000 per decimo),
  • A second prize of €750,000 (€75,000 per decimo)
  • A third prize of €250,000 (€25,000 per decimo).

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