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Winning a big prize in a lottery is hard enough but Darren Penman from Kirriemuir in Scotland managed to bag two wins in as many days. The 45-year-old Tayside taxi driver won nearly £300,000 in the February 24 EuroMillions draw and then another £166 the following day. The lucky winner admits that he was almost embarrassed to claim his second win.

The taxi-driver is still struggling to believe his double lottery success. Darren is married to Karen and has two children, Murray, 17 and Aberdeen University student, Meganne, 18. Talking about his lottery wins the lucky winner joked that his bubble had been burst when a Camelot employee told him his win was the equivalent of what Wayne Rooney earns in a week. His two lottery wins doesn’t mean the taxi-driver will be able to retire, but it will help him pay his mortgage. The additional £166 he also won will come in handy too.

The double winner has regular numbers but doesn’t know them off by heart. When he went to buy his EuroMillions ticket he didn’t take a note of them so had to buy a Lucky Dip instead. That Lucky Dip certainly lived up to its name but now it presented the EuroMillions winner with a problem. “These are the numbers that won me £300,000. Now I won’t know what to do — keep my usual numbers in future or go for Lucky Dips again!”

Darren found out about his EuroMillions win the day after the draw, when he had his ticket checked at a Co-op store. He was asked to contact Camelot and thought he’d just won a few hundred pounds. When he discovered just how much he had won, the lucky winner could hardly drive his taxi, because his legs were shaking so much.

Penman had managed to match the five main numbers and one of the Lucky Stars and won £293, 674.20 in the EuroMillions draw. He came so close to winning the EuroMillions Jackpot: “One of my numbers was 10 — if I had number 11 instead I would have won £44 million”, he said.

Darren is not the only lucky player that managed to win twice on the lottery, so why not purchase your EuroMillions tickets online at to try your luck?