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A lottery syndicate set up on Facebook has claimed a big prize worth over £1.1 million that they won on the EuroMillions lottery, to be shared between 38 people.

The group, made up of lottery fans from across the UK, will all receive just over £21,213 after they found luck in the Mega Friday draw on February 27th. The syndicate group was set up more than two and a half years ago by Gary Schei, who wanted to create a syndicate involving his family and friends, but decided the easiest way of doing so was through Facebook.

In order to increase his enjoyment of playing the EuroMillions lottery game, Mr Schei went on Facebook and messaged his family and friends to see who would like to join the syndicate with him. Mr Schei said “it’s a huge network of people all over the country, most of whom have never even met each other, but who are all in some way connected to me.”

The group, known as “Gary’s Players” is managed by Mr Schei, who lives in East Lothian in Scotland, however his family and friends who are part of the EuroMillions syndicate are based up and down the country. Mr Schei said that the win has already made a huge difference to many people in the syndicate, and said that his winnings, which equal £84,852 thanks to his four shares in the group, will mostly go towards his mortgage, although there will be a few treats for the family as well, including a holiday for his nine year old daughter.

The EuroMillions winner said that the members of the lottery syndicate reacted in different ways when they found out that they had won the prize. Mr Schei said that he started calling around on the Saturday morning after the draw, and received reactions from screaming to tears and stunned silence.

Despite the EuroMillions players never having met, Mr Schei is hopeful that this win will change that in the near future. “Hopefully one day in the not too distant future we’ll all be able to get together and celebrate,” he said.

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