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Irish Lotto player scoops huge €10 million rollover jackpot

Lottery24 – €10m Irish Lotto ticket sold in Trim County MeathA lucky Irish Lotto player from Ireland has won big on the country’s national lottery game after the quick pick ticket that they purchased matched all of the numbers in the draw on Saturday night.

Although we do not yet know the identity of the mystery winner, we do know that they purchased their ticket in the north east of the country, and that they matched the drawn numbers 30, 31, 32, 35, 37 and 40 as well as the bonus number of 44 in the Irish Lotto game. All together the National Lottery said that more than 42,000 players across the country won cash prizes in Saturday night’s draw, including two players who won a second tier prize worth €25,000 after matching five out of the six main numbers and the bonus ball.

The winning Irish Lotto ticket was sold at a Maxol petrol station in Trim, County Meath on Saturday, just hours before the draw took place, but the owner of the garage said that he has no idea who the lucky winner could be. Darren Souhan, of Souhan’s Garage said “We’ve no idea who it is yet; we get a lot of customers who stop for fuel and then come into the shop.”

There is equally the possibility that the lucky Irish Lotto winner might not live in Co Meath, and could have been visiting from out of town. As it was the Easter long weekend, it is very possible that the ticket was purchased by somebody taking a holiday in the area and stopping for fuel as they were on their journey.

“It could be anybody,” said Mr Souhan, “we get a big mix of customers from local regulars to out of town visitors to tourists.” He continued to say that they would like for the winner to be somebody from the local community “so that the community benefits,” but he did add that there was no point in speculating as there is no way of knowing exactly who is due to collect their prize worth €10,650,121.

It is not known whether the Irish Lotto prize was won by an individual or by a syndicate, as it happened back in September.

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