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Australian Oz Lotto winner says the jackpot will turn his life around

After winning big on the Australian Oz Lotto, the winner of $20 million has said that after living in tough times and struggling through together with his wife, he is over the moon.

The lottery winner, who chose not to be named, found out that he had scooped half of the $40 million jackpot prize for the Australian Oz Lotto on Tuesday evening, and as he and his wife had been struggling to make it through financially, the win could not have come at a better time. “When I saw that I had all the winning numbers, I thought holy moly I’ve won!” he told local Australian press without revealing any details of himself.

This news comes just a few days after a man from Brisbane said that he was ‘flabbergasted’ after winning big on the Australian Powerball lottery, while this Australian Oz Lotto winner said that he had “butterflies in his stomach.” This winner comes from Mittagong in New South Wales, and he purchased his winning ticket at Mittagong News agency on Princess Street in the centre of town.

The winner said that as soon as he realised he had won he ran into the bedroom and woke up his wife to tell her that they had won the Oz Lotto. “She said to me, ‘This doesn’t happen to us!’ and I said, ‘Well it just did!’” the lottery winner recounted to local news outlets.

Despite the excitement of the discovery, the man still said that he had trouble believing it when he saw the winning Oz Lotto numbers, and he said that he had to check and recheck the numbers many times overnight. “We’ve had some bad times and it’s been a struggle for us. This first division win is going to make our lives so much easier,” said the Oz lotto winner, as he continued to say that the couple haven’t yet decided how they are going to spend their lottery windfall, but they have decided to invest some of it.

The owner of the store where the lucky Oz Lotto ticket was sold said that this win is a record win for the southern highlands region, and he said that he met the winning couple as they claimed their prize, saying that “they were so excited!”

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