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Looking through her kitchen cupboards, an Irish Lotto player was expecting to find pots, pans, or food stuffs in order to make her dinner, but in actual fact what she found was a EuroMillions ticket worth €500,000.

The lottery player, from Cork, looked in her pantry last week and found her winning lottery ticket which she had put there last month and forgotten all about. The EuroMillions winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that she never checks her Lotto tickets straight away, and often puts them in places where she will remember them weeks or months down the line.

Claiming her €500,000 prize at Irish Lotto headquarters yesterday, the EuroMillions winner said that she remembered buying the winning ticket clearly, and said that she almost bought ice-cream instead. During a day in Killarney, the winner said “It was a warm day and I fancied a cone. But it was too early in the year to get one, so I bought a EuroMillions ticket instead.”

After putting it in her pantry and forgetting all about it, the woman found it on a day when she was going to do her grocery shopping, and so decided to take it with her to check it. After scanning the EuroMillions ticket in question, the machine told her to contact the National Lottery, and so she had no idea of how much money she had won.

“I couldn’t believe it when I was told it was half a million,” said the EuroMillions winner. The ticket was purchased six weeks ago, for the EuroMillions Plus draw on March 10th, and was not the only big money winner that was claimed at lottery headquarters yesterday.

Another $500,000 prize was claimed at Irish Lotto offices yesterday by a Dublin man who’s ticket was purchased online, and therefore received an email telling him there was exciting news. “When I saw all those zeros and realised I’d won a half a million I was sceptical,” he said.

The EuroMillions Plus winner said that he didn’t believe it until lottery officials put the €500,000 cheque in his hands yesterday.

The EuroMillions jackpot was won in full on Friday night, and therefore it will be worth £10 million for its draw this evening. Don’t forget to buy your tickets online at