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Irish Lotto syndicate split €2 million jackpot more than one month after the draw

Lottery24 – Irish Lotto syndicate split €2 million jackpotA syndicate of Irish Lotto players has finally claimed a multi-million euro prize won in April, after the ticket purchaser was on holiday.

The group of four office workers, all of whom are from Dublin, won their €2 million jackpot on the Irish Lotto in a draw on April 8th, but they didn’t realize that they had won until more than a month later when the syndicate leader got back from their holiday. “I was on holiday in April and didn’t realize we’d won until I got back,” said the syndicate member who had purchased the ticket.

Collecting their winnings from the National Lottery offices in Dublin on Friday morning, the four delighted colleagues told the story of their win, and how they found out about it one month after the fact. The ticket holder, who had been on holiday, said that he checked the Irish Lotto results online when he got back from holiday, and immediately though there must be a mistake.

“I sent one of the others a screenshot of the ticket and called him and said, check your messages you won’t believe this!” Once the pair, who does not wish to be named, confirmed between themselves that they had in fact won a top prize on the Irish Lotto, they contacted the other two members of the office syndicate to give them the good news.

“I’m soon to become a dad and I was about to get a loan for an extension on the house and a new car,” said one of the other syndicate members, continuing to explain how perfect the timing of the win was: “Now I don’t need to. This is just the best.” The group of lottery winners said that they will be splitting the jackpot evenly, each receiving €500,000.

The choice for these players to stay anonymous is unusual for Irish Lotto players, as the last syndicate that won big went public with their €10 million win at the beginning of April, telling lottery officials that they would be paying off their mortgages.

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