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The second biggest EuroMillions winner, who won £148 million from the Europe-wide lottery, has said that she only gives her children a small amount of money per week despite her bank balance.

Gillian Bayford, who together with her now ex-husband won £148 million on the EuroMillions lottery back in 2012, has said that she wants her children to grow up in a normal setting and to stay grounded, and therefore the kids only receive £3 per week each in pocket money. The EuroMillions winner’s children, who are aged seven and nine, will certainly not grow up spoiled under Mrs Bayford’s care, as she insists that they continue their lives as they did before.

This is polar opposite from the life that the EuroMillions winner’s ex-husband is currently leading, however, as Mr Bayford recently spent £2 million of his share of the lottery winnings on an equestrian centre for his 28 year old new fiancée. His children, however, according to Mrs Bayford will be receiving no such luxuries and they still do regular activities such as cubs and brownies after school.

The couple, who separated almost two years ago, blamed their split on the pressure of the lottery win and their desire to allow it to affect their lives in different ways. That is evident as we hear reports of the EuroMillions couple, and Mrs Bayford went as far as saying that her children have to meet certain conditions in order to receive their pocket money.

“They get £3 each week as long as they keep their rooms clean and tidy and make their beds every morning,” she told national press over the weekend, adding that she has been hard at work teaching her children that if they want things they must work hard and save for it. The EuroMillions winner said that just because she has the money, she doesn’t want her children thinking that they can have anything that they want.

Adding that when her children are told ‘no’, they understand it, the EuroMillions winner said that she wants to be a normal mum.

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