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After playing Canada’s Lotto Max game every week for the last five years, the latest winner from Kelowna in British Columbia has seen her patience pay off with a $1 million prize.

Unlike another recent British Columbia Lotto Max winner, this time the winner decided to go public, and Brittany Powell has been playing the Lotto Max game ever since she became of legal age at 19, and now, at the age of 24, she has finally had her first big win. In the May 29th draw Ms Powell won a $1 million Maxmillion prize, which she has admitted will make a huge difference to her future.

Four days after the big win, the Kelowna local has said that she still finds her new millionaire status unbelievable, telling lottery officials “I still can’t believe I won $1 million. I’m thrilled and I’m going through the motions but the reality is yet to sink in.”

The new Lotto Max winner told lottery officials that she was with friends at a gas station filling up her car, when she decided she might as well check her ticket. However, the friends and Ms Powell herself were not prepared for what would happen next. “All of a sudden bells started going off. I was excited because I thought maybe I had won $50,000 and could pay off my jeep, but I couldn’t believe it when the clerk told me I had won $1 million,” said Ms Powell.

She certainly will be able to pay off her jeep with her winnings, and that is one of the first things to do on the new Lotto Max winner’s list along with other bills. She also plans to spend some of her million dollar prize on a backpacking trip, although she didn’t say exactly where she is planning to visit.

Once the money is in her bank account, however, the Lotto Max winner said that her first purchase will be to go out for a meal and drinks at her favourite pub. The winning ticket was purchased in Cache Creek at a Copper Canyon Chevron store.

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