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Irish Lotto syndicate from the Irish midlands keep their town lottery lucky

Lottery24 – Irish Lotto syndicate from Mullingar keep their town lucky
A group of lottery syndicate players have won big on the Irish Lotto, keeping their town, Mullingar, one of the luckiest lottery towns in Ireland.

The group, who have all decided to remain anonymous, are made up of seven friends, all from the town of Mullingar or nearby, and they won a huge lottery jackpot prize worth just under €6 million on Saturday May 9th after their Irish Lotto ticket matched all of the numbers in that evening’s draw. The group, who purchased their winning ticket from a Tesco store in Ash Road, Mullingar, will split the winnings between them equally, each taking home €842,994.

The group of seven were invited to celebrate their Irish Lotto win with National Lottery officials in the Winners’ Room this week, where they were presented with their ceremonial cheque and enjoyed a few glasses of champagne. A spokesperson for the group said “We’ve played the same numbers since Lotto began in 1988 and the most we’d won before was €56!”

When their long time numbers 2, 5, 13, 17, 32 and 34 all matched the ones drawn, the spokesperson said “I knew those numbers would do us good one day!” The syndicate member said that he was the one to check the Irish Lotto ticket and realise their multi-million euro win, and said that it still doesn’t feel real despite having the money in the bank. “When I checked the ticket, I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “It still doesn’t feel real for us. We’re delighted.”

The syndicate group were not the only lottery players from Mullingar to win big, as another winning ticket for the Lotto Plus 2 was sold for the draw on May 20th, and the ticket holders found themselves with €250,000. Earlier this year, a lottery player from Westmeath won a €500,000 prize in the EuroMillions draw after changing his numbers at the last minute.

And that’s not all, two years ago a huge jackpot prize of €10,651,567 was won by a couple from Mullingar, Carol Loran and Kevin Geoghegan, who also purchased their winning Lotto ticket from the Tesco store in Ash Road. The couple are Westmeath county’s largest Irish Lotto jackpot winners so far, but that could all change.

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