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A lottery winner from Grande Prairie in Alberta, Canada has said that his Lotto 6-49 jackpot of more than $17 million would not change his life at all.

Gerald Fritsma, who matched all of the required numbers in the June 17th Lotto 6-49 drawing of the national game, didn’t find out until July 14th that his ticket was the winner, but he said that it will change barely anything about his life. Mr Fritsma, together with his wife, Elizabeth, and son, Dean, claimed the prize money from lottery officials in Alberta, western Canada, and he told officials that despite being retired, he will still continue to volunteer his time.

When he moved to Grande Prairie in 1961, Mr Fritsma started a road sweeping firm called Highline Maintenance together with his brother, William, and he said that one of his greatest joys in life is driving his sweepers. Now that he is no longer working for his own firm, he continues to drive one of his sweepers for a company called Aztec Landscaping, which now owns the machine.

“I’m kind of addicted to it,” said Mr Fritsma as he explained why he continues to volunteer his time to drive the road sweepers. “They’re unique machines and I happen to be good.” The Lotto 6-49 winner is keeping it real after his win, and is not splashing out at all, just like Canadian Lotto 6-49 winners from Newfoundland who bought some Rice Krispies after their win.

Mr Fritsma was working at Aztec Landscaping one day in July when his wife came to tell him about the ticket she had just checked at the store along with a handful of others. “I said that’s nice and kept right on working,” said the Lotto 6-49 winner of the moment he found out he was a millionaire.

Some of his colleagues questioned why he wasn’t getting too excited about the Lotto 6-49 win, but Mr Fritsma said “It’s just money. It’s $17 million, but in a high-income area like Grande Prairie, it’s not a big figure.”

The family plan to use some of their winnings to travel, both within Canada and abroad, and they also hope to be able to contribute some money into the local community including upgrading playgrounds in the neighbourhood.

“I was driving along at around 11 o’clock at night and I thought to myself how many other guys are driving this type of machine that are worth that much money,” said Mr Fritsma of the irony of his win.

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