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A couple from Fort Kent in Alberta, Canada, have won the top prize on the national Lotto Max game, and said that their lives will change for the better thanks to their windfall.

Raymond and Sheena Scott, who are two of just 220 residents in the hamlet of Fort Kent, have now become millionaires after they purchased a Lotto Max ticket for the draw on August 7th. Unlike Gerald Fritsma, a Lotto 6-49 winner also from Alberta, these winners have admitted that their win will change their lives. And Mr Scott begrudgingly admitted to lottery officials that they wouldn’t have bought the ticket if they hadn’t needed to visit the local store in order to buy birth control.

The couple admitted that they felt they deserved some luck, and that a Lotto Max prize of this size will dramatically change their lives. Mr Scott had surgery last year, and both of the lottery winners said that they felt like “the working poor our whole lives.” It sounds like, therefore, that this win will be more of a relief than a burden to the Scott’s, unlike Randall Rush from Edmonton who said his $50 million lottery win was a “big responsibility.”

“It’s been a struggle for our whole family, generations before me, too,” he elaborated, before telling lottery officials that in recent years he has been managing a trucking company, and he plans to keep the job for at least a few more months. However, the couple have already made some big plans for their Lotto Max winnings, including buying an acreage that was once owned by Mrs Scott’s grandfather, so that they can “get it back in the family.” The couple will also join a former Alberta member of parliament as lottery millionaires after Bruce Rowe won big earlier this year.

Mr Scott said that due to his work he has recently found himself out of touch with some family members and friends, and so he plans to make time to reconnect with all of those people. The Lotto Max winners got married a year ago, but they said that they hadn’t yet been able to take a honeymoon because they couldn’t afford it, so a vacation is on the list, as well as a weekend in Toronto to watch a Blue Jays baseball game, “and to meet some investors,” Mr Scott finished.

Most recently, a Hamilton man claimed a $50 million Lotto Max prize, waiting five months after the draw date. Mr Scott says that beyond doubt the money will change his life, just like Lotto Max winner Lisa-Marie Draganiuk who admitted her life would change, “but not for the worse,” he added.

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