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Two friends from Victoria in Australia have become embroiled in a legal dispute after a $2.5 million TattsLotto win in 2013. Darren Jamieson claims that he had a long-standing verbal agreement with his friend John Taylor that they’d share any lottery win but it appears Taylor has reneged on that promise.

Jamieson, from Mornington Peninsula, met Taylor through their shared love for fishing. His best friend, Michael McConnachie claims that ‘Jammo’ was the Best Man at Taylor’s wedding. The pair were “obviously pretty close” but it’s all “turned pretty ugly” since the TattsLotto win. Even Darren’s mother said the pair were “like brothers.”

In July 2013 the big TattsLotto win happened and John called Darren to tell him he’d won $2.5 million, but there was no talk about honouring that alleged promise. The lottery winner denies there was ever an agreement between them and said that he doesn’t even consider Jamieson to be a close friend as they had only been fishing a few times. He told Nine News, “I’m just very disappointed and appalled by this behaviour; there was no verbal or written agreement in any form whatsoever.”

Now Jamieson has taken out legal proceedings that allege that he and his friend had made a verbal agreement in 2006. The plan was that each would buy a lottery ticket once a week and share any winnings. Frank Schwent from Missouri, USA, had a similar promise with his brother-in-law and honoured it when winning a $20,000 Mega Millions prize. In Canada, Darren Doyle shared a $1 million Lotto Max win with his daughter.

Legal disputes can happen though and Jeff Fellang from Montana was sued by his friend over a $1 million lottery win. Two friends in New York City, USA,fell out over a broken promise about a lottery windfall. A mother and daughter also from New York are disputing a $1 million lottery win.

The two friends are also in dispute over $15,000 that Mr Taylor gave to Jamieson to purchase his car. He never received the vehicle and Jamieson says the money was given to him simply to pay off a car loan.

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