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€7,384,790 Irish Lotto Winners Want Dream Home with Indoor Slide

Lottery24 – €7m Irish Lotto winners will build a dream home with indoor slideThe latest lottery millionaires in Ireland have plenty of ideas on how to spend their winnings. The couple from South Co Dublin won €7,384,790 (£5.32 million) in the September 19 Irish Lotto draw.

We previously reported the search for just who had purchased the jackpot winning Irish Lotto ticket from the Supervalu store in Killiney Shopping Centre in Dun Laoghaire on September 15. The couple are in their 40s but wish to remain anonymous.

The husband, who works in sales, recalled how they found out about their big Irish Lotto win. “I’d heard on the radio that a syndicate had won the jackpot, and I usually wait until the eight draws are over on the ticket before I check it. So I put it into a ticket checker in a shop in Killiney and the message told me to contact National Lottery offices.

He thought “that’s strange” and when he checked his ticket online “all these fireworks went off.” The surprised winner still didn’t quite believe that “anything great had happened” but when getting back home and checking the ticket with his wife “the fireworks thing happened again.” The couple figured that their ticket was a big winner and couldn’t sleep all night. Their winning numbers were: 07-26-34-39-41-42 and the bonus ball 31.

They plan spending their Irish Lotto windfall on a series of holidays. This includes a trip to Disneyland in Florida, a cruise in Jamaica and a trip to Venezuela to see lightning storms. Mark and Carmel Cousins planned a holiday of a lifetime after winning £100,000 on a National Lottery Scratchcard. John and Jenny Taylor planned a holiday in Australia after their £137,945.40 EuroMillions win. However, UK Lotto winner Pete Congdon won £13m and still went to Butlin’s.

Also in the Irish Lotto winners plans is buying a dream home that will include an indoor slide “so we can get downstairs quicker,” a home cinema and a pinball machine. Other spending ideas for their win include looking after their family and friends, just as Bill Aliff did with his $2m Powerball winnings. They also plan on donating some money to an animal charity.

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