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South Carolina couple pick up $5 million Mega Millions prize

A couple from Chester in South Carolina have scooped a $5 million prize on the Mega Millions lottery, and this week they claimed the prize at headquarters.

The couple, who were not identified by lottery officials except to reveal their home town, took home $3.4 million after taxes when their Mega Millions ticket won a second tier prize during the draw last Tuesday, November 3rd. As they claimed their lottery winnings with officials in South Carolina, they said that they “haven’t slept much,” and also revealed that they haven’t yet broken the news to their children.

Despite winning their prize almost a week ago, it wasn’t until Saturday morning that the lottery winning couple discovered their good luck, just like a couple from Canberra, Australia, who didn’t realise they won $20m on the Lotto for four days. Telling lottery officials of how they found out, the boyfriend and girlfriend said that the man was bringing in groceries when he heard his girlfriend scream, “You won! You won!” Soon they began researching how to claim their prize, unlike a man from Myrtle Beach also in South Carolina, who had completely forgotten about his Powerball ticket and found a winner in a stack of old tickets.

Unsure of what to believe, the man asked his girlfriend to read off the winning Mega Millions numbers one at a time, and soon he realised that she was in actual fact reading numbers 17, 41, 51, 53 and 56, the every same numbers that he has been playing for years, just like five friends from New York who won $106 million on the Mega Millions after playing the same numbers for more than a decade.

“It took a while to sink in,” he said, before telling lottery officials that he always felt as if luck would be with him, “it sounds funny, but I had a feeling I was going to win,” he said, despite the fact that the winners did not take home the Mega Millions jackpot, which rolled over again this weekend and is now worth approximately $180 million.

The couple, who purchased their winning Mega Millions lottery ticket at a Kangaroo Express store in Chester, said that they will use their millions first to pay off the mortgage on their house, and then they will spend it on enjoying life with their family. This is the third millionaire making ticket to have been sold in the town of Chester, with the last one coming in January of this year and before that in October of 2005.

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