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Western Australians win big in New Year Oz Lotto game

Just four days into the New Year and three Western Australians Oz Lotto tickets have already won their owners $2 million each.

Two of the three tickets were purchased by single ticket holders, earning a full $2 million for each of the winners, while the third was purchased by a syndicate of ten people, meaning that all members will each receive $200,000. These winning tickets were all part of a $30 million Oz Lotto Mega draw that was announced on Saturday, just two days after the turn of the year, repeating a succession of wins which came last year when three other Western Australian Lotto players all scored big.

TattsLotto reported that one of the winning tickets was purchased in Fremantle, a city just 25 minutes southwest of Perth, the capital of the state of Western Australia, while the other was sold from a store in Northam, which is 100km northeast, and the area is no stranger to multiple Lotto wins, following another wave of luck which took place in May 2015.

These wins come to Western Australia just a week or so after another family from the area won an entire $30 million OZ Lotto jackpot a few days before Christmas. On December 22nd, the Daniella’s won the state’s second biggest jackpot in lottery history and could not contain their shock at the fact that they’d won, and at how much money their win was worth. The family run their own business, and insisted that they don’t stand on any ceremony, that won’t be changing either, in a much more demure way of accepting their Oz Lotto prize, differing from two other Australians who are still at war over a $2.5 million TattsLotto win.

The father of the family told local Australian press that their family had suffered through a hard time in 2015, and they were looking forward to being able to loosen the purse strings a little thanks to the Oz Lotto, send his mother on a cruise and help their son to get his car fixed. “I’ve always worked and worked and tried my hardest to get where I am. Everything was just out of reach, but not anymore,” he said as he admitted their situation was not dissimilar from that of a couple from Geraldton who won $1 million on the Australian Lotto back in September and said it would help them to leave “struggle street.”

Mr Daniella laughed as he added that his wife has been complaining for years that he always books the cheapest hotels whenever they go on holiday; “she’ll be stoked we can have the second worst hotel now, ” he joked.

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