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Change of Numbers Wins Family €500,000 Irish Lotto Plus 1 Prize

Lottery24 – Change of Numbers Wins Family €500,000 Irish Lotto Plus 1 PrizeA family from Galway in Ireland have won €500,000 in the Irish Lotto Plus 1 draw held on Saturday February 20 after using a QuickPick ticket rather than their usual numbers.

The family, who do not wish to be named, made sure they voted in the Irish General Election before collecting their prize in Dublin. “We all voted this morning before we left. But we’re all giving our Number 1 to the Lotto Plus game. Power to the players”, laughed the jubilant winners who added that they are “thrilled to bits and over the moon” with their €500,000 windfall.

The Irish Lotto Plus 1 win will be shared between all of the family and will be used in a variety of ways. Spending plans include “really lovely holidays this summer” and purchasing either new or newer cars. In Canada, Joan Patterson said she’d be buying some shiny cars after her $60m Lotto Max win.

Some lottery winners go out and buy some strange items. Ruby Sorah from California, USA, wanted a new spark plug for their lawnmower after a $43m Florida Lotto win. One of the Lotto Plus 1 family winners said they want to buy a Fresian cow, preferably one that’s a calf. A Powerball winner from Kansas, USA, could only say “Holy Cow” after realizing he’d won $1m.

One of the female winners said she can’t wait to buy a few pairs of Jimmy Choo’s and a designer handbag. However, it won’t be a leather one as she doesn’t want to be “upsettin’ the bovine fraternity across the table.”

The family are regular lottery players and always buy their tickets together as they “get on so well.” Last year a family syndicate won $7m playing New Zealand Powerball. Normally this group play their own numbers but for this game they chose a QuickPick ticket as it was purchased outside of Galway while they were on a daytrip. Their Lotto Plus 1 winning ticket was purchased from the Newsround in Main Street, Ballhaunis, Co. Mayo. Annette and Andrew Dawson from Bolton in Lancashire, England discovered their £1m EuroMillions win while on holiday.

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