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Siberian doctor claims huge Gosloto 645 prize almost six months after drawing

Lottery24 – Siberian doctor claims huge Gosloto 645 prizeA doctor from Siberia has won more than 358 million rubles in the Gosloto 645 lottery game, according to local news in the country.

The winner, who is from the town of Novosibirsk, won his prize in the lottery drawing at the end of November, but only claimed his prize a couple of weeks ago, still faster than an Australian who came forward to claim his lottery prize four years too late. The 47 year old doctor’s name has not been reported, as it appears that he wants to keep his win private and away from the press.

The man told lottery officials that he heard about the local winner just after the Gosloto 645 draw took place, but never thought that he could possibly be the multi-millionaire. “The funny thing is that I have seen and read probably all the news about the record super prize – on the radio, the internet and elsewhere, but I never thought that the hero of this story could be me,” he said as he collected his prize. Six months isn’t uncommon for somebody to come forward to claim their lottery prize, as Powerball prizes have been waiting around for their claimants before, while Canada’s Lotto Max operator have been hunting for big lottery winners months after the draw date.

After checking his Gosloto 645 ticket some days after the drawing took place, the doctor said that he had to check for five times that he was in fact seeing what he thought he was seeing. “On the sixth time I had a serious ringing in the ears,” he said. “Then I finally got excited.” Most recently, a EuroMillions winner from Bristol waited four months to come forward.

The lottery winner then called the winner’s hotline, and started to prepare himself to travel to Moscow to claim his prize at lottery headquarters. He told only his best friend of his Gosloto 645 win, and to this day he still hasn’t informed the rest of his family and friends, including his wife and his two daughters. He said that he “didn’t want to disturb the family,” by telling them too soon, but now will be breaking the good news as the money is in the bank.

The lucky player said that he will be spending his Gosloto 645 winnings on his family, and he plans to move them to Moscow, buy a big house and develop his own business. “Thanks to fate I have now had the chance to completely change my life,” he said.

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