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A parking garage attendant from Union, New Jersey, USA, has won $7m in the February 25 CASHH4LIFE lottery. Gregory Velez only bought his life-changing ticket because he was bored at work, but quit as soon as he found out about his big win.

Gregory is a parking garage attendant in Manhattan and when work was going slow, he decided to go across the street and buy a lottery ticket from Southend News on South End Avenue in New York. He ended up buying his first ever CASH4LIFE ticket. Frederick Walker from Maryland, USA, won $2m with his first ever Powerball ticket.

His single set of numbers matched the numbers drawn later that day, winning him the $7m prize. Not that the lucky winner discovered the result that night. When he arrived at work the next day someone at work mentioned the winning CASH4LIFE jackpot ticket had been sold at Southend News. Velez checked the winning numbers on his phone and immediately went to the store. “I was totally numb when I realized that I actually won,” he said. He walked around the block for a few times to clear his head, then went back to work and told them he was quitting his job.

That’s just like the Canadian couple who instantly quit their jobs after their $30m Lotto Max win. Also calling it a day was Englishman Simon Beach who quit after winning a £1m EuroMillions prize.

This jubilant winner has chosen to accept his CASH4LIFE winnings as a one-time lump sum payment of $4,632,600 after required withholdings. He plans on using his winnings to pay off his bills, buy a new house and “take it easy.”

He also has two daughters and a granddaughter and will be using his CASH4LIFE winnings to “take (them) to Disney.” In England, Paul and Gemma Bond headed to EuroDisney after a £1m National Lottery scratchcard win. Another English lottery winner, Lynn Groves, took her grandchildren to Disneyland after winning a £1m UK Lotto prize.

The winning CASH4LIFE numbers from the February 25 drawing were 02-16-19-33-30 and the Cash Ball 03.

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