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New Zealand Lotto player wins top prize thanks to his car

A lottery winner from Wainuiomata in New Zealand says that his win was all thanks to his car as he took home $1 million.

The winner, who chose not to be identified after he claimed his $1 million prize, said that as he went to pick his random numbers from the Wainuiomata Pharmacy, as he usually does on a Wednesday night, he looked around him for inspiration. The NZ Lotto winner ended up picking the numbers that he saw on his car’s odometer, as well as his neighbour’s car license plate, just like a Scottish grandfather who won on the UK Lotto thanks to his grandchildren’s ages. Then, the regular New Zealand Lotto player spent the next day doing chores around the house, and moving his lawn, before he went out to get the newspaper, which happened to have the Lotto results in it.

The numbers, according to the man, looked familiar when he opened the newspaper, and he said he couldn’t believe it when he realised he’d won $1 million. “I was really surprised, to say the least,” he told lottery officials. “I actually thought there had been a mistake and had to check the ticket few times.”

He said that he didn’t realise that there had been a big New Zealand Lotto win in the area, until he picked up the newspaper from his local store in Wainuiomata, and the store assistant told him. “When I popped back down with my ticket that afternoon, he asked me if I’d won, and I said, ‘Yeah, I think I have,’” the lottery winner said of how the rest of his day went after he finished his chores, unlike a couple of lottery winners from the south island of New Zealand who hid their winning Lotto ticket in an empty cake tin for a few weeks before they claimed their prize.

It was the first time that the anonymous NZ Lotto player had chosen his own numbers, and it was the luckiest he had ever been, even though he didn’t buy his ticket from what is said to be the country’s luckiest lottery retailer. However, his luck could have gone even further had he had also matched the Powerball number, and he would have won $15 million.

“It’s just the way the cookie crumbles,” he said, accepting the fact that his luck won him all he was supposed to. “I feel so lucky that I won what I did.” The New Zealand Lotto winner did not reveal how he plans to spend his winnings, unlike another New Zealand Powerball winner who couldn’t wait to jet off to Dollywood with their winnings.

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