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Family Match Five Numbers for the Ninth Time on the Irish Lotto!

Lottery24 – Family win for 9th time on the Irish LottoFor some people just getting one big win would be a welcome occurrence. For a family from Dublin in Ireland, they’ve just won a €113,661 Irish Lotto prize and it’s the ninth time they’ve matched five numbers. The Fry family from Scotland recently had their third £1m UK Lotto win.

The lucky couple, who decided to remain anonymous, purchased their latest winning ticket from the Eason Newsagents on O’Connell Street in Dublin city centre. It managed to match the five main balls and the bonus ball in the draw held on Saturday June 18.

While celebrating their win the husband said “We are getting closer and closer to the jackpot.” He added, “Since the start of the Lotto, we have matched five number nine times and we’re not giving up on the jackpot yet.”

Last year a couple from Dublin were celebrating after they won €5.3m playing the Irish Lotto. Another Irish couple won €500,000 on the Irish Lotto after changing their numbers.

It was on Saturday night that the couple discovered their latest Irish Lotto win. “We were out having a drink on Saturday night and we checked our ticket on the National Lottery App. When we saw the message to contact the National Lottery, we were absolutely delighted.”

This latest win is their largest Irish Lotto success to date. In fact the first time they managed to match five numbers they only won £100.” They still dream of winning that jackpot, so maybe one day they will manage to match all the numbers.

Multiple wins can happen of course. A family from Portsmouth in Virginia, USA, had three successes in a short amount of time including a $1m Powerball win.

The couple are still working out just how to spend their winnings saying they’ll take some time out to let their win sink in. They do plan on doing some charity work though. This includes local charities in Ireland but also a children’s charity in Africa. £13.5m UK Lotto winner Pete Congdon recently donated £1m to charity.

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