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A recent surveylooked at the subject of whether big lottery winners carry on working after their windfall. £148m EuroMillions winner Adrian Bayford has just opened his new shop in Cambridge, England, four years after that big win.

Bayford shared the EuroMillions win with his then wife Gillian in 2012, Britain’s second biggest ever lottery win. Both he and Gillian have had eventful lives since that big win, but now Adrian is back in retail and he is loving it. We previously reported how the £148m EuroMillions winner faced being sued over a golf buggy accident.

The EuroMillions winner was running a shop when he had his big win but had to close it after being swamped with begging letters. Now he’s opened his new shop specializing in film and music memorabilia.

Despite the big EuroMillions win, the father-of-two says he never lost his passion for music. He commented, “It’s something I enjoy… we offer a unique experience in the shop, catering from eight year-olds to 80 year-olds.”

His ex-wife Gillian Bayford recently talked about how even a £148m EuroMillions win can’t buy you happiness.

He may be a EuroMillions winner with a £6m country mansion but he became “bored.” That’s what happened to English winner Ivan Westbury after he won a £7.7m UK Lotto jackpot, retired, got bored and went back to work.

So now he’s back in the retail business with his new shop Black Barn Records and prepared for it by spending part of his lottery winnings on a collection of Lady Gaga memorabilia. Paul and Debbie Lawton carried on working despite a £7m UK Lotto win.

Black Barn Records sells memorabilia ranging from Star Wars movie busts to a photo of John Lennon signed two weeks before he was murdered, with prices ranging from £2 to £25,000.

The £148m EuroMillions winner plans on opening a couple more shops and a vinyl-pressing plant. He’s also the executive producer on a rock album by the Last Great Dreamers.

He added, “I’m a big rock fan. I like bands where people actually play instruments like AC/DC, Aerosmith and Iron Maiden.”

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