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Mystery villager wins €11.1 million Irish Lotto jackpot

Lottery24 – Mystery Irish villager wins €11.1 million Irish Lotto jackpotA mystery lottery player from a village of 300 people in Ireland had won an $11.1 million Irish Lotto jackpot on Saturday August 20th draw with a ticket purchased at a store that sold another jackpot winning ticket a year ago.

Most recently, we told you about a winning Irish Lotto ticket that the winner found in their car, and the ticket for Saturday night’s Irish Lotto jackpot was purchased from the Spar store on Main Street in Kinlough, a village of around 300 people, in Co Leitrim, but the ticket holder has not yet come forward to claim their prize. A spokesperson for the store, however, did tell the Irish Lotto that the winner has been the talk of the town ever since villagers found out that one of their own was to become a millionaire, just like when a family won a top Irish Lotto prize for the ninth time earlier this month.

“Apparently everyone was talking about it in the pubs last night,” the spokesperson said. “They couldn’t believe it, that it was in our village, so small you know.” The store spokesperson continued to say that the store previously sold a winning Irish Lotto ticket just under a year ago, although the last one wasn’t worth quite the same amount. “It’s actually our second win in the past year,” she explained. “We had a €250,000 win in October or September.”

The Spar store is apparently a popular place for locals to buy their lottery tickets, and the spokesperson said that more than a few people purchase their tickets for Wednesday and Saturday Irish Lotto draws on a regular basis. She also continued to say that more locals than usual were in the store buying tickets on Sunday morning for the next draw, following the news of the winner who had purchased their tickets there, just like at a store in Rochester, Massachusetts that sold a $1 million winning lottery ticket recently. “There’s really great excitement. Everyone’s so happy. It’s really a buzz in the town,” the spokesperson added.

However, nobody yet knows the identity of the winner, just like when County Clare celebrated a mystery Irish Lotto winner, and the store spokesperson added that even they don’t know who purchased the ticket. “No, we actually don’t have a clue who won. We probably never will know but it was definitely bought in the shop.”

The winning numbers on Saturday were 10, 11, 12, 15, 18 and 19 and the bonus ball was 35.

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