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New Zealand Lotto retailer sells winning ticket for the third time in five months

A couple from Dunedin in New Zealand have been described as “very deserving” as they claimed a New Zealand Lotto jackpot worth $13.3 million from a ticket purchased at a lucky local store.

The Night ‘n’ Day store in South Dunedin has now sold three winning New Zealand Lotto first division tickets in the last five months and may overtake another lotto retailer in New Zealand as the luckiest store in the country, and the most recent one was sold to a couple who are known to the store owner. Murray Devereux said that the winners are regular customers, and they won $13 million on the Powerball first division and $333,333 on the Lotto first division simultaneously.

Two other local lottery winners recently collected prizes from the New Zealand Lotto, including a couple from Dunedin who hid their $1 million winning Lotto ticket in a cake tin, and another couple from the same area who also won $13.3 million on the lottery in July this year. “I don’t want to say too much,” Mr Devereux told NZ Lotto officials of the most recent winners, “they are regulars to the store, a married couple, and this will make a real difference for them.” According to Katie Devereux, the store’s co-owner, the couple claimed their prize yesterday morning and were still in shock from the realization.

“They were in shock. She thought they had won and the husband didn’t. He didn’t want to believe it until they had checked it.” To calm their nerves, Ms Devereux said that she offered them something to drink, and gave them a bottle of champagne with which to celebrate. A British family who recently won £61 million on the EuroMillions were also recently described as “deserving winners”.

The winning New Zealand Lotto ticket was confirmed by the same checkout operator who sold the ticket to the couple in the first place, according to Mr Devereux, and he said that his employee’s hands were shaking when he arrived in the store after the commotion. “She had tears in her eyes after telling them,” he said. “It’s a really good feeling giving someone that news.”

Mr and Mrs Devereux have only been proprietors of the business since April, and in that time they’ve been lucky three times over, but they still didn’t expect the call they received on Saturday night telling them that they’d sold a $13 million New Zealand Lotto ticket. “Our Lotto area rep rang and said, ‘Bloody hell, it was you guys again,’” Mr Devereux laughed, but put the store’s luck down to pure chance.

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