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£120,000 Winning Irish Lotto ticket Kept in Handbag for Two Weeks

Lottery24 – An Irish Lotto winning ticket was in her bagA woman from Kilkenny in Ireland had a £120,000 (€139,025) winning Irish Lotto ticket in her handbag for two weeks. She’d completely forgotten about it until she had a problem with her handbag and made a life-changing discovery.

The Irish Lotto winner has decided to remain anonymous, that’s just like the couple from Western Australia who won a $1m Australian Lotto prize.

Her big win came in the August 6 Irish Lotto draw.The lucky numbers in that draw were: 06-17-18-30-40-43 and the Bonus Ball-46. After purchasing the Irish Lotto ticket from Dunnes Stores, MacDonagh Station in Co Kilkenny, she just forgot about it and the ticket remained untouched in her handbag for a fortnight.

Robert Unikewicz from Connecticut, USA, had a $50,000 winning Powerball ticket on his desk for three months. A similar thing happened to Daniel Chase from Michigan, USA, who had a $1m Powerball ticket in his wallet for a couple of months. Recently a player in New Zealand took six months to claim their $333,333 New Zealand Lotto prize.

But just what was it that made her suddenly look in her handbag and make that amazing discovery? Well a problem occurred that most women reading this article will be familiar with. “My handbag was bulging and I decided to clear the load yesterday,” said the Irish Lotto winner. She was aware of a big winner so when finding some Irish Lotto tickets thought to herself,”there might be a few quid on these.”

There was certainly more than a few quid on one of those Irish Lotto tickets. She went to a local store and checked her Irish Lotto tickets on a scanner and was “surprised when I got a message to contact the National Lottery.”

They told her just how much her Irish Lotto ticket was worth and the winner declared, “When I found out how much I won, I was absolutely delighted.” The winner remembers the day she bought her jackpot winning ticket saying, “I thought to myself that I was due a bit of luck. Someone must have been listening.” Now she plans on spoiling her family with some of her £120,000 Irish Lotto winnings.

The next Irish Lotto draw is on Wednesday August 24 with a €2m jackpot. That’s after a lucky but so far unknown player won the €11.179m Irish Lotto jackpot on Saturday.

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