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Irish Lotto syndicate storm into lottery HQ thanks to €453,000 win

Lottery24 – Syndicate of soldiers win on the Irish LottoA syndicate of soldiers from Ireland have won almost half a million euros thanks to their determination on the Irish Lotto.

Earlier this year we told you about a top secret UK Lotto winner who was part of the SAS, and now a syndicate, from the 3rd Infantry Battalion in Kilkenny, won their prize on August 27th when their Irish Lotto ticket won a big prize worth €452,700, along with a few other smaller prizes won by their other tickets. The group of lottery players, which is made up of 20 soldiers including 18 privates, one corporal and a sergeant, have been playing the Lotto together since January 2015 and this is the first time they’ve won anything substantial, unlike a syndicate of five from Dublin who won €150,000 on a spontaneous EuroMillions purcahse.

Clive Parsons, the syndicate member who purchased the Irish Lotto ticket in question, told lottery officials that he found out about the win when he received an email, but he still couldn’t control his surprise, just like another syndicate from Ireland who won €500,000 on their first ever EuroMillions ticket. “I’d an email from the National Lottery saying we’d won but I didn’t read it until the next day as I thought it would just be for a few euro,” the soldier explained.

However, it was later on when he decided to check his emails that he realised quite what the message said. “I scanned down the page and saw that we’d won a few small prizes on the first two lines and then I saw the big one – €452,700. I couldn’t believe it!”

Each of the Irish Lotto players will take home one 20th of the prize money, meaning they’ll all be €22,635 richer, and the syndicate spokesman, Daniel McGrath, told lottery officials that the money will all come in useful in different ways, just as the syndicate winners from Liverpool said when they scored over £100,000 on the EuroMillions. “There’s a few lads getting married soon and a couple are buying houses, so it couldn’t have come at a better time for them.” He added that two of the group have just had babies, and the Irish Lotto money will help them to get fatherhood off to a great start. “We’re all delighted and we’ll have a few drinks together back in Kilkenny today to celebrate… and a day off work tomorrow.”

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