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It’s always a dream to win a massive lottery prize but just how do you cope with your new found wealth? Help is at hand from the National Lottery Mega Millionaire Academy.

It’ so emotional winning a big lottery prize, Karen and David Bull from Western Australia broke down in tears after their $100,000 Ultimate Lifestyle Lottery win.

One of the lucky lottery winners attending were Stuart and Denise Powell from Featherstone in Yorkshire, who won £1m last November playing the EuroMillions. They joined a host of other lottery winners from around the UK to be given a series of tutorials by several lifestyle experts.

Advice given included a talk from Fifth Gear Presenter Tiff Needell on what to look for when buying a sports car worth more than £250,000. There was champagne tasting with Pol Roger director Cassidy Dart and fashion advice from celebrity stylist Zoe Tilston giving much needed details of what to wear when flying first class or in a private jet. Sarah and Marcus Savill from Grimsby would have needed that advice after their £63,000 win on the UK Lotto.

The EuroMillions winners were even given a talk by gift wrapper to the stars Neelam Meetcha. This included how to wrap large and unusual gifts, including a Range Rover. No sign of any advice on lawnmowers which is what was purchased by Geoff and Judith Coombs from Southampton after their £1m UK Lotto win.

Mr Powell said: “Ever since our EuroMillions win we’ve been enjoying experiences we never dreamt possible, from buying homes for our boys to taking exotic holidays, it’s been amazing. There have been occasions where we’ve come a little unstuck so to have this team of professionals from the world of the rich and famous giving us advice has been great, and lots of fun to boot.”

We previously told you about the work of National Lottery advisor Kathy Garrett. This event was hosted by the National Lottery’s winners’ advisor Andy Carter. His job sees him helping new millionaires cope with the massive change in their life. “My team pay out the win, can arrange a panel of financial experts and provide a huge degree of support from experience of making over 4,250 millionaires, but I have never had to work out how to hire a private jet or how you gift wrap a car as a present,” he said.

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