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A Calgarian who won $1 million on the Canadian Lotto 649 has finally come forward to claim his prize, and he said it’s certainly going to help him out in the future.

Not long after another Calgary lottery winner claimed their $1 million Lotto 649 prize, Kenneth Yates, who is a native to the Albertan town of Calgary in Canada, bought his ticket for the Lotto 649 drawing which took place on July 30th from a local store, but didn’t realise he’d won until he returned to the Shefield & Sons store in the North Hill Centre to check it in a ticket scanner. “I took my ticket to the store and scanned it,” Mr Yates told lottery officials of what was, at the time, a pretty normal activity after a lottery drawing. Unfortunately, just like a recent Hit 5 lottery winner, he was missing something vital: “I didn’t have my glasses on so the screen looked weird and I asked the retailer to check the ticket for me – it was a winner!”

Despite the fact that he discovered his big Lotto 649 win just a few days after the drawing took place, the lottery winner decided not to claim the prize right away, and instead he took some time to himself to think about exactly how he was going to spend the windfall, just like a Michigan Powerball winner who also took two months to claim his $1 million prize. “I told myself, ‘Don’t be rash, don’t be hasty’” he told lottery officials as he finally claimed the prize this week. “I knew I had to get my act together and figure out what I was going to do before claiming my prize.”

In the end, Mr Yates decided that his unexpected Lotto 649 windfall will be going towards his retirement plans, which are looking quite a bit closer now that he is a millionaire, just as it was when a Maryland lottery winner scored $50,000 on the Powerball. “This is going to affect my retirement plans,” he confirmed. “I’ve been planning it for a while, but this will probably bump the date up a little bit!”

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