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New Zealand Lotto player is a millionaire thanks to mum’s intuition

A Lotto player from New Zealand won $1 million last week, and says it was all thanks to an intuitive feeling from her mother.

The woman, who chose to remain anonymous as she collected her $1 million from NZ Lotto officials, said that she had no idea she could possibly have won until a visit from her parents last Sunday afternoon. “Mum just had a feeling that someone in our family might have won the $1 million so she stopped by with Dad on Sunday to see whether we had checked our tickets,” the NZ Lotto winner said, just like when Christina Dorsey from Iowa in the USA had a feeling she’s won big on the lottery before she found out she’d taken home $10,000.

Not long ago, we told you about another NZ Lotto winner who took home $1 million thanks to a twist of fate, and the Fielding native said that she hadn’t a clue anybody at all had won the First Division prize, so she went and got her tickets from their safe place in order to check them together with her family. “Somehow Dad remembered what all the winning numbers were and just listed them off – and that’s when I saw them all lining up on the top line of my ticket,” she said, in a story similar to that of two brothers from Ohio who won the Pick 5 Lottery thanks to their mom’s number advice.

Not quite believing the situation they were in, the NZ Lotto winner then made sure she double checked her ticket on the lottery’s ticket checking app. “The winning music played and ‘major prize winner’ appeared on the screen. I couldn’t believe it,” she added, before revealing that she then decided to triple check by heading straight down to the Lotto retailer where she’d bought the ticket and asked the store clerk to check it again. “I couldn’t stop thinking, ‘is this real? Is it a dream?’” Just like Kerrie Boyle from Scotland who said her dreams had come true when she won £300,000 on a National Lottery scratch card.

Now, together with her partner, the NZ Lotto millionaire is trying to make some decisions about her winnings, admitting that although they have ideas, they haven’t settled on anything just yet. “All we know is that it’s taken the pressure off a bit, which is the most amazing feeling,” she said.

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