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A couple from the London borough of Bromley, who won almost £1.25 million on the EuroMillions lottery last month, have said that although nothing major will change, their lives will be enriched.

Liz Anderson, 45, and her husband, Frank Coles, 51, together won £1 million and a luxury holiday in the Millionaire Raffle at the end of September, and opting to choose a cash alternative to the Mega Week holiday, their prize total came to £1,248,880. Ms Anderson told lottery officials that while she is not a regular EuroMillions player, she did enter this specific draw because she remembered that it was a special Mega Friday event, with even more chances to win, just like the EuroMillions draw on which Rachel Bingham won last year.

Ms Anderson said that she played online, and therefore received an email from the National Lottery about her EuroMillions win but because she didn’t expect to have won more than a few pounds, she didn’t read it straight away. It wasn’t until her lunch break at her busy city job that she finally read the email, and she said she spent the rest of her lunch hour wandering around London in a daze, just like Stephen Harrod was after he found out he’d won $9.85 million on the Kansas Lottery.

She added that she didn’t tell her husband and their 12-year-old daughter until later that day when they met her after work to head to watch Arsenal play in the Champions League. “He was utterly speechless,” Ms Anderson said of her husband’s reaction. “We couldn’t stop smiling as we headed off to the match, where Arsenal won 2-0 – the perfect end to an amazing day.”

The couple said that they are excited about their future thanks to their EuroMillions winnings in the bank, with Ms Anderson set to embark on her dream career of teaching, and Mr Coles aiming for more time on the golf course. Like a couple from Saskatchewan who won $1 million on the Canadian Lotto Max, they plan to pay off their mortgage and make some renovations to their house and they said they’ll enjoy the security of having money in the bank. “This win really does open up a while new world for us,” Ms Anderson said, grinning from ear to ear, just like a recent North Carolina Powerball winner who created a new university scholarship with her winnings.

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