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A lottery winner from White Lake, not far from the capital of Canada, has won $1 million on the Canadian Lotto 649 draw after playing the same numbers for 20 years.

Mark Virgin, who is from the Ottawa Valley, just outside of Ottawa, where another lottery player won $12.5 million on the Lotto Max last year, won the $1 million prize in the Canadian Lotto 649 drawing on the 10th of September, and he told lottery officials as he collected his prize in Toronto that he’s been playing the same numbers for 20 years. “I was at the store to check some tickets and I ran into a friend as I was scanning them in the ticket checker,” Mr Virgin said of the moment running up to his realising his lottery win. “I wasn’t paying attention and I caught a quick glimpse of all the zeros.”

The machine was, in fact, showing the 49-year-old construction worker that he’d won $1 million, but at first he wasn’t sure that he was seeing things correctly. “At first I thought it was $1,000, or possibly $100,000,” he explained. Finally, the cashier in the store validated the Lotto 649 ticket, and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission called the store to confirm the good news. Mr Virgin isn’t the first construction worker to win big, as another from Missouri took home $250,000 on the $4,000,000 Cash Spectacular not long ago.

“The excitement I felt from seeing ‘Big winner’ on the validation slop is like nothing else I will ever experience,” Mr Virgin said. The father of two then told his son about his Lotto 649 windfall before anyone else, who didn’t believe him until he saw the validation slip for himself.

Just last month we told you about another Ontario lottery player who won big on the Ontario 49 lottery, and planned to invest in a new SUV for herself with the winnings. The Lotto 649 winner said that after discovering his windfall he had a permanent smile on his face for the rest of the day, and that he plans to use his money to pay for the rest of his children’s educations, just like a recent New York lottery scratch card winner plans to do with his winnings, and take them on holiday.

“I also plan to buy a new pickup truck,” he said, adding that he’ll try to save some of the money to build interest on it. “I will keep my job but this money gives me freedom to take time off,” he added.

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