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Irish Lotto winner predicts his fortune will change after big pay out

Lottery24 – Irish Lotto winner hopes to be lucky in loveA lottery winner from Ireland who won €472,548 on the Irish Lotto had predicted that his luck in love is going to change again soon after his big win.

The winner, who chose to remain anonymous after his big win, purchased his ticket from the Hillside Service Station in Enniskerry, Co Wicklow, and couldn’t believe his luck when he collected his prize. At Lotto headquarters, he told officials of the moment that he found out he’d won almost a quarter of a million euros over his lunch.

“As news of the large Irish Lotto win spread through town on Thursday afternoon, I said I better get my ticket checked, just in case,” he explained, continuing to say that as he was in a café that doubled as a Lotto retailer having his lunch, he asked the store clerk to check his ticket for him. A recent Seattle lottery winner won big on a scratch card during his lunch break. “She scanned the ticket on her phone and she let out a roar,” the Irish Lotto winner laughed. “I actually thought she had had a bad turn before she calmed down and told me I had a winner,” he finished. A recent Michigan Powerball winner found out she’d won $310.5 million on the Powerball while she was eating a cheeseburger for lunch.

Just like other big winners including Roy Cockrum, a Tennessee Powerball winner who took home $259.8 million, and a Northumberland, England woman who used her £300,000 National Lottery win to help charity, the Irish Lotto winner said that the first port of call with his money will be donating some of it to charity. “I am heavily involved in charity so I will make sure this win improves the lives of many who are in need,” he said, adding that the life changing sum will not change his outlook on life, just as a French Canadian Lotto Max winner said her big win wouldn’t change a thing about her life.

The winner has no plans to give up work, but he did say that he hopes some of his other personal circumstances will change, such as his relationship status. “I am a single man, but not for much longer,” he smiled.

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