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Lady In Pink Finally Claims £40,000 Irish Lottery Prize

Lottery24 – Lady finally claims her Irish Lottery prizeThe winner of a £40,000 Irish Lottery prize in the December 21, 2016 draw has finally been found after a two week search. The mystery winner turns out to be a caravan owner in Llandudno, Wales.

The £40,000 winning Irish Lottery ticket was purchased from a shop in Mostyn Street, Llandudno, on December 17, but Carole Hoyle didn’t immediately come forward to claim her prize.

For nearly two weeks the store staff tried to track down the mystery winner who became known as the ‘lady in pink.’ That’s because when she bought the winning Irish Lottery ticket she was wearing a distinctive florescent pink running jacket with a matching pink rucksack.

Finally, the winner was located when staff at the shop in Darwen, Bolton, recognised the ‘lady in pink.’ One of the employees said, “They recognised her as we’ve been doing our best to track her down, and they’d seen the CCTV pics we had of her.

The staff may well have known that she’d won a £40,000 Irish Lottery prize but the actual winner had no idea at all why people were so interested in her. When asked if she’d bought an Irish Lottery ticket in Llandudno she said ‘yes’ and was ecstatic when told she’d won £40,000.

The big win came just a fortnight after a family from Dublin, Ireland won an €11.3m Irish Lotto jackpot. The winner of this Irish Lottery prize is a woman in her 40s who owns a caravan in the Conwy area.

Why hadn’t she claimed her Irish Lottery prize? Well she’d bought her ticket after a bike ride but then simply forgotten it and hadn’t been back to the area because the caravan site had been closed for a couple of weeks.

Some winners do take a while to claim their prize. Marvin and Mae Costa from California, USA, waited six months before claiming their $528.8m Powerball jackpot. A New York syndicate had a winning $1m Mega Millions ticket for four months before realizing.

Her winning Irish Lottery ticket included seven numbers and five of them; 06-18-28-37-41 were drawn out winning her the £40,000 prize. It’s another big lottery win in Wales after Davina and Jeff Pritchard won a £1m EuroMillions prize.

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