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Driving Home For Christmas Leads to Discovery of €4.5m Irish Lotto Win

Lottery24 – Family wins €4.5m Irish Lotto jackpotA family from Bailieborough in Ireland are continuing their seasonal celebrations after discovering a €4.5 million Irish Lotto winning ticket lying on their car dashboard on Christmas Day…

The family have asked to remain anonymous, that’s just like the player from Western Australia who won a $673,151 Australian Lotto prize. The family had purchased their €4,577,663 winning Irish Lotto ticket on Christmas Eve from Supervalu on Main Street, Bailieborough.

The father explained that they were driving home on Christmas morning when his son told him the local shop had sold a jackpot winning Irish Lotto ticket. When told it was a Quick Pick ticket that was the winner he quickly remembered the Irish Lotto ticket that was still in his car. He gave the ticket to his son to scan on his phone and a message came up telling them to contact the National Lottery.

At that point they were unsure whether they had won the Irish Lotto jackpot. Back home, just before sitting down for Christmas dinner, his son checked the results of the Christmas Eve Irish Lotto draw. “He called them out to me, one by one and before he even finished, we knew we had hit the jackpot, the place went absolutely mad.” In England, John Gill discovered that he had won £1m playing EuroMillions on Christmas Day. Stephanie Harkin from Drumahoe in Northern Ireland bought a £100,000 winning National Lottery Diamond Riches scratchcard when out doing last minute Christmas shopping.

As you can imagine they had a fantastic family Christmas and “had even more reason to celebrate with our Lotto win.” The winner of a 11.3m euros Irish Lotto jackpot said he’d be cooking the Christmas dinner despite the big win. The Irish Lotto winning family have thanked their neighbours for sending them good wishes and messages of support. The winners are now planning a “big party” for them when “the excitement dies down.”

It’s the latest big Irish Lotto win after a family from Co Kerry won a €2,266,323 Irish Lotto jackpot in October 2016. Despite their big Irish Lotto win, the family say “there is no chance we will get carried away too much by the win.” In fact the father returned to work on Boxing Day and says “there is no chance that any of us will be giving up our jobs anytime soon.”

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