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Irish Lotto winners give it all away to their grandchildren

Lottery24 – Irish Lotto win for grandchildrenA couple who won almost €200,000 on the Irish Lotto have decided that they’ll give away their entire prize pot to their grandchildren.

The couple, who decided to remain anonymous when they collected their prize, are from Co Meath, the same part of Ireland where a €436,958 prize was won on the EuroMillions late last year. They won a huge prize worth €172,223 on the Irish Lotto earlier this month by matching five numbers and the Bonus ball in the lottery drawing, but their new year good luck is going to be even more special for their grandkids.

The grandmother told lottery officials at headquarters in Dublin that they have spent their lives taking care of their children and working for their benefit, but that they feel lucky in that they need for nothing since retiring. “We have discussed this at length and we have decided to give all of the money to our grandchildren who are only starting out in life.” A Chicago grandmother recently decided that she’d invest her Powerball winnings in her grandchildren, while a People’s Postcode Lottery winner said that she’d be using a lot of her lottery prize to spoil her grandkids.

She continued to say that her grandchildren are all in school or college at the moment, and with things like university, beginning their careers and potential house purchases coming up, she thinks that they will need the Irish Lotto winnings more than they will. Lots of lottery winners choose to give their winnings away, such as Tom Crist from Calgary who vowed to give away all of his $40 million Lotto Max jackpot, and a EuroMillions winner from England said that she’d be donating at least £25 million of her winnings.

She also described the moment that she and her husband discovered their big new year Irish Lotto win, while they were lying in bed on a Sunday morning. “We were lying in bed on Sunday morning, drinking coffee whilst listening to the news on the radio and I heard the newsreader call out my Lotto numbers,” she said. “I knew the Lotto wasn’t won but I was sure I heard quite a few of my numbers called out but I didn’t say anything to my husband until I was sure.” She added that later that morning, after they’d been to church, they called into their local store to check the Irish Lotto ticket, and couldn’t believe it when it was confirmed that they’d won €172,223.

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