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The days of being a school janitor are over now for 55-year-old Carl Villeneuve from Saguenay in Quebec, Canada. He’s already quit his job after winning a $60m jackpot in the 10 February Lotto Max draw.

The couple live 200 kilometres north of Quebec City and are still in shock at their fantastic Lotto Max win. “It’s a bit surreal,” said Carl’s wife Marie-Josee Picard, 46, at a news conference held in Quebec City.

2017 is proving to be a lucky year so far for Quebec and it’s only mid-February. Last month Annie Roy and her husband, Gilles Leprohon won a $60m Lotto Max jackpot. Marie-Claude Turcotte was also celebrating after scooping a $50m Lotto Max top prize.It’s not just the Lotto Max draw in which players from Quebec have been enjoying great success. In January 2017, Mark Lachance bagged a $25m Lotto 6/49 jackpot.

The winning ticket for the $60 million jackpot in the Jan. 6 Lotto Max draw was also sold in Quebec — at a gas station east of Montreal. And a Quebec ticket holder claimed the $25 million jackpot in the Jan. 21 Lotto 649 draw.

The Lotto Max win came in last Friday’s draw (10 February) and it didn’t take long for Mr Villeneuve to quit his job as a school janitor. “It’s going to be bye bye boss,” the Lotto Max winner said. Not everyone retires after a big win though. Roger Sherman from Pennsylvania continued to work after his $1m Powerball win.

His wife is a cook and the pair say that they both have modest incomes and haven’t travelled much in their life, that may well change now. Picard said that she’d like to take a few weeks before deciding just how to spend the $60m Lotto Max jackpot. Buying a big house, a chalet and going on holiday are possibilities, she added.

The couple have also indicated that they will be giving some of their jackpot win to their family. The couple have three adult children in their 20s and a two-year-old granddaughter. American Jadwiga Nowakowska said she’d give money to her grandchildren after winning $1m playing Powerball. In England, Vic Eden decided to share his £1m UK Lotto windfall with his children.

The winning numbers in Friday’s Lotto Max draw were: 11, 16, 19, 22, 24, 38 and 41.

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