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A grandfather from Snodland in Yorkshire, England has won a £247,463 EuroMillions prize. His win came in the February 21 draw and if Con Smith wants to celebrate with a bunch of flowers, it’s no problem as he’s a florist.

The EuroMillions win comes after a tough time for his family. They have lost several people dear to them and the 58-year-old told reporters how his father was recently given just 24 hours to live. Thankfully he recovered and a week later, he was released from hospital. Sonia Davies from Wales had a £61m EuroMillions jackpot win soon after lifesaving treatment.

On their way back from the hospital, Smith went to a chippy to pick up a meal for his father. While the fish and chips were being cooked, he went to the One Stop in Rochester and bought the EuroMillions ticket that has changed his life. It’s an identical story to that of a $9.3m New Zealand Lotto winner.

“It’s as if it was meant to be: dad coming out of hospital, me buying the ticket in a shop I’d never been before and the fish needing to be cooked. It’s as if fate decreed the win!” said the shocked EuroMillions winner.

His EuroMillions ticket matched the five main balls and one Lucky Star in the February 21 draw. The winning numbers were: 13-19-41-45-49 and the Two Lucky Stars 03 and 04. If he’d matched the other Lucky Star, he’d have won the £14.3m EuroMillions jackpot. The previous draw had seen Beverly Doran from West Yorkshire win a £14.5m EuroMillions jackpot. Another winning couple from Yorkshire were Susan and Michael Crossland who scooped £1.2m playing UK Lotto.

The father-of-two and grandfather-of-three didn’t discover his win until the day after the EuroMillions draw when having his breakfast. He had to continually check his numbers before the win was confirmed. Before claiming his prize, he had to make an urgent delivery to a customer. Now he and his wife, Lorna, 59, plan to invest some of their EuroMillions winnings in their business.

The EuroMillions winner also wants to help his children, just as Bill Aliff did after his $2m Powerball win. Also planned is buying a new car and some home renovations. It’s time for some happiness now after suffering “so much sadness” over the last few decades… “I guess you could say things are really coming up roses now!” said the lucky EuroMillions winner.

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