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A man from Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada, who won $12 million on the Lotto 649 is planning to reunite with his mother now that he’s a millionaire.

Sheba Sheba, who claimed his Lotto 649 prize late last week from OLG officials in Toronto, told lottery officials that he hasn’t seen his mother in eleven years because she lives in Lebanon. Mr Sheba said that financial, health, and distance reasons have prevented him from seeing her for all this time, but not anymore. A New Zealand Powerball win last year brought a family back together for Christmas, and another lottery family reunion happened when a Washington woman won big on a scratch card.

The married father of three said that he found out he was a winner last Sunday when he called at his local convenience store to grab a cup of coffee and check his Lotto 649 tickets. He explained that he wasn’t wearing his glasses, and so he couldn’t be sure what the self-check machine said, so he headed over to the counter to find out.

Explaining how the retailer told him “You’re a big winner!” after checking his Lotto 649 tickets, Mr Sheba said that he was so excited he began to scream, before running home to wake up his family. He now plans to use a portion of his Lotto 649 jackpot prize to go and see his mother in Lebanon. “She is a wonderful woman and I have missed her very much,” he said as he held his $12 million cheque. “Seeing her again is at the top of my wish list.” A Nova Scotia Lotto Max winner from earlier this year said that a new passport and travel were top of her list.

The Ontario man, who is originally from Iraq, said that he also hopes to be able to use his millionaire status to visit other family in both Iraq and Jordan, a whole family reunion and celebration. Another Ontario lottery winner, part of a group of four friends, planned to use his share of their Lotto Max winnings to visit family. Mr Sheba will also help his daughter and new son-in-law buy a house, pay for his youngest daughter’s school fees, and help his son to open his own barbershop. Family is big on the list for many lottery winners, with a recent Californian Powerball winner taking the entire family on holiday.

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