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A couple who only buy lottery tickets when they see a big jackpot have seen their system work out as they won a huge $55 million Canadian Lotto Max jackpot this month.

Nathalie Langlais and her partner Gilles Rosnen collected a prize for $55 million this week, after they struck lucky in last Friday’s drawing of the Canada wide lottery game. Just like an Essex National Lottery player who won on a last-minute scratch card purchase, Ms Langlais told lottery officials that she only bought the ticket because she saw a sign in her local corner store advertising the Lotto Max jackpot for $55 million, and she couldn’t resist, just like an Indiana family who only bought a lottery ticket because the jackpot was worth $536 million, and ended up winning the Mega Millions jackpot.

The occasional lottery player, who usually just buys tickets when the jackpot is high, also said that she usually takes weeks to check her tickets, but this week was different. The morning following the draw, Ms Langlais checked her ticket using the Loto-Québec website on her phone, and when the winner’s music began playing she thought she’d won $55.

However, after counting the zeros, she soon realised that she’d become a multi-millionaire. “I was thinking, ‘what is going on?’” Ms Langlais said to Lotto Max officials this week as she collected her cheque. “We couldn’t believe our eyes.” A family from nearby Bolvin in Québec felt the same after they won $60 million on a Lotto Max drawing.

Ms Langlais said that while her big win will certainly speed up her retirement plans, she isn’t quite going to leave her job just yet. After finding out about her win, she called her boss to let her know that she wouldn’t be in work on Monday. “I love my job and am very busy at work,” she said. Another Montreal Lotto Max winner was looking forward to buying a new pair of shoes after she won $37.5 million.

Unlike a recent Lotto Max winner who wanted to spend their winnings on a new kitchen, the couple now plan to take time to think about their future, and they also want to use some of the money to contribute to good causes. “We have a simple relationship with money and I hope it stays that way,” Ms Langlais said.

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