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Cairns woman in disbelief after discovering she has a winning Australian Oz Lotto ticket

After a region-wide search for a Queensland winner of the Australian Oz Lotto jackpot, a young woman from Cairns in Australia was shocked to realise that it was her ticket officials were looking for.

An unregistered ticket won $40 million on the Oz Lotto’s Tuesday night drawing, sparking a large media campaign to find the lucky winner, but the young mother couldn’t believe her eyes when she realised she’d become a multi-millionaire. The winner, who chose not to be named, told Oz Lotto officials in Queensland that she was in disbelief, and described her big win as “surreal”. A couple, also from Cairns, who won $1 million on the Australian Gold Lotto said they’d already mentally spent the prize just a day after winning.

The young family, who are local to Cairns, told lottery officials that while they don’t plan to flaunt their good fortune around, they are grateful to be given the opportunity to be generous. They hope to use their $40 million Oz Lotto win to spend more time together as a family and finally buy their dream home. When a woman from California won $5 million on a scratch card, she vowed to use it to spend more time with her family.

“I’m stressing out! It’s just surreal,” the young woman exclaimed as her claimed her big Oz Lotto prize. “I can’t believe it just yet. It hasn’t even sunk in that we’re going to have so much money. Oh, my god!” Another Cairns lottery winner who took home $1 million on the Gold Lotto was set for retirement as soon as he claimed his prize.

The lottery winner said that the first thing she thought about when she realised she’d won that whopping Oz Lotto prize was her husband being able to cut down on his hours at work, and being able to enjoy life as a family. “I was so down in the dumps last week thinking ‘when are we going to have some really happy things to look forward to?’ Nothing was letting up on us. But then this happened!” A family from Western Australia who scooped $40 million on the Oz Lotto said that the money would allow them to keep working but with added luxuries.

Now,just like a lottery player from Newcastle in the UK who won $30,000 on a National Lottery game, she said that they’ll finally be able to buy their dream home, something even better than they ever imagined, and she’ll get a cleaner to give her more time to relax. “Then we’ll work out how to invest it to make sure that our kids are set up for life too,” the Oz Lotto winner said.

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