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An anonymous Australian Powerball player who shared in a $30 million jackpot has split it with 25 other lottery players, but not quite equally.

The anonymous winner from Cabramatta in West Sydney held one of two winning tickets for last week’s $30 million Australian Powerball jackpot, but although he was one of 26 jackpot winners, he took home half of the lottery top prize. The other ticket holder, also winning $15 million, was a 25-strong syndicate from Newcastle, north of Sydney in New South Wales. Recently we told you about a Sydney Keno winner who took home $5.6 million.

The first winner, who remained anonymous after claiming their prize, bought the winning ticket from Cabramatta East Newsagency, and will have been pleased to receive half of the jackpot, especially since they were one of 26 Powerball winners. The second winning ticket was purchased by a long running syndicate from Newcastle, who purchased their winning ticket from Newcastle City Newsagency. Their story is slightly different to that of a Sydney syndicate, who won $40 million with their very first lottery ticket.

A member of the Powerball syndicate told lottery officials that they have been playing for several decades, and that this isn’t the first time they’ve won a top prize, having previously won a Division One lottery drawing. A woman from Michigan was speechless when she won a second Fantasy 5 jackpot in two years. The 25 members will split their $15 million equally, each taking home $608,146 thanks to last week’s Powerball drawing.

Powerball officials said in a statement that the syndicate members are all local to Newcastle, and are aged between 50 and 70. “Many are unregistered players so we look forward to breaking the news to them that they’ve won,” the lottery official said, hinting that the syndicate winners may not even know yet that they’ve had such a huge windfall. A UK Lotto winner from England found out about his £1 million win in a shop full of people! Hopeully it won’t take the winners too long to come forward, although a grandfather from the same area of New South Wales once took 13 months to claim his Australian Powerball win.

Last week’s Australian Powerball winning numbers were 28, 38, 23, 31, 24 and 6, with a Powerball number of 12.

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