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A lottery player from Cork in Ireland is celebrating a €19,912 win for matching five numbers in the May 30 EuroMillions draw. He’s no stranger to lottery wins as it’s his third in total after two big wins in 2004 and 2006.

The EuroMillions winning ticket holder has requested to remain anonymous. That’s just like the recent player in Maryland, USA, who won $50,000 on a $1,000,000 Platinum Play scratchcard.

Previously the lucky player won €300,000 on Lotto Plus One in 2004. Two years later he was part of a €500,000 Irish Lotto syndicate. He’s already dreaming about his next big win. “I always play EuroMillions and I bought my ticket as normal for the EuroMillions draw on May 30″, he said. His latest winning EuroMillions ticket was purchased from the Supervalu in Main Street in Ballincolig, Cork.

The shocked EuroMillions winner said he couldn’t believe his latest win and although the €19,192 isn’t a “life-changing amount,” it’s still nice and will allow him to “do some things.” He’s looking forward to a pint in Dublin and a few days off work. “This win shows that lightning can strike not once, not twice but three times,” he added.

He declared that the two previous larger lottery wins didn’t change him or his lifestyle. He used those winnings to pay for a new house and helped his family. There was plenty of travel too, something he just hadn’t had the opportunity to do before his big wins. Probably not as much travel as £1m EuroMillions winner Matt Myles who’s on a round-the-world tour.

A close friend said, “He is the same person. But it is unbelievable that he has won three times. When he called me to tell me I thought he was kidding. What are the chances of this happening to anyone? I am thrilled for him, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.” Ken Wedgeworth from England said he was still the “same old Ken” despite his £1.05m EuroMillions win.

Lotto boss Dermot Griffin congratulated the three-time winner. He said: “We have had people coming through here twice but to have someone in our Winners Room three times is something else. We are delighted for this player. It just shows dreams do come true – more than once.”

Rosa Dominguez from California had two big lottery wins in the space of a few days. A couple from Virginia, USA, did even better with three lottery successes in a fortnight.

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