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Despite winning a £1m EuroMillions prize, Amanda Lewis from Yarlet in Staffordshire, England, is still working behind the tills at Asda.

The 50-year-old won £1m in the EuroMillions Millionaire Maker draw last year but refused to even think about giving up her job and is still on the checkout at her local Asda store in Wolverhampton earning £9 an hour.

Her only problem is work colleagues and customers asking her to kiss their lottery tickets and even choose their numbers. That’s despite the fact her £1m EuroMillions win came via a code, not numbers.

Some players decide to remain anonymous after a big lottery win. That’s what a recent $5.6m Keno winner in Australia did and he has no intention of quitting his job either. Not this one though, “I knew it would get out and I just thought it would be better to go public,” she said. “It also shows people that it is possible to win something,” she added.

It’s not just Amanda who has decided not to retire and instead keep on working, her husband Barry, 52, is still working as a self-employed tiler. Asked why the couple still work despite their massive £1m EuroMillions win, Barry said, “You still need to work to earn money. I like working and that’s the only way you get to meet people and socialise. It is nice to have a substantial amount of money as it makes you feel more secure. You haven’t got to worry about bills.”

In Canada, Paul Hindo said he’d carry on working despite winning a $22m Lotto 6/49 jackpot.This Staffordshire winner admits clients say, ‘I can’t believe I’ve got a millionaire tiling my bathroom.’”

Since their big EuroMillions win, the couple who have 22-year-old twins Charlotte and Ryan, have been extremely busy in the property market. They paid off the mortgage on their house and also bought a new home and a couple of more to rent out. They also helped Barry’s father by buying his house for him. Bev Doran from England also bought a new home after her £14.5m EuroMillions jackpot win.

Another big purchase was buying each of their children a new car. Recently, Richard Zoet from Canada won a $1m Lotto 6/49 prize and wanted a sports car. In England, Vic Eden won £1m playing UK Lotto and shared his win with his two daughters.

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