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Irish Lotto player falls short of dream job, instead wins dream Lotto jackpot

Lottery24 – An Irish Lotto win at perfect timeA man from Co Meath in Ireland who was turned down for his dream job has now found a new dream, in winning a €415,000 Irish Lotto jackpot.

The Meath man, who is in his 30s, told lottery officials that he recently was turned down for his dream job after going through two rounds of interviews, and was feeling down. However, his mood was soon changed when he realised that he had won a top value prize in last weekend’s Irish Lotto. Another Irish National Lottery winner said he only had a few cents in the bank when he found out he’d won.

“I am still pinching myself after finding out,” the lottery winner said, adding that he felt quite anxious while he was on his way to claim the prize at National Lottery headquarters, as he was afraid of losing his ticket. The anonymous Irish Lotto winner continued to say that the disappointment of not getting his dream job is all forgotten now. A former homeless man in Australia recently won $200,000 on a scratch card, putting his recent troubles into the back of his mind.

“Yes, I was fairly disappointed at not getting the job, but you can rest assured, it’s a distant memory now”, said the jubilant player. A recent Australian Wednesday Lotto winner lost his job and became a millionaire, all in the same month. Thanks to his €415,000 Irish Lotto payment, the lucky winner said that he’ll now be able to spend some of the money on building his life, but it’ll also enable him to treat his family. An Irish EuroMillions winner from Tipperary was able to buy her own home thanks to a lifechanging €500,000 win.

“We’ll definitely get the ball rolling on buying a house now and I’m going to give a bit of it to a couple of charities that are close to my heart.” The Irish lotto winner also said that he plans to make sure his parents are looked after, and his partner will also benefit from his win. “We have our holiday booked for September,” the winner said, adding: “we will be sure to upgrade our hotel and we’ll be able to watch the purse strings less while we’re away.” A lottery player in Ireland won €28.9 million on the EuroMillions just last week.

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