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Ireland’s first ever Lotto millionaire still as grounded as ever

Lottery24 – Rita was the first Irish Lotto winnerThe woman who became Ireland’s first ever lottery millionaire in 1989 has revealed that she never changed her lifestyle despite winning £1.2 million on the Irish Lotto.

Rita Power won IR£1.2 million back in 1989, the first ever jackpot winner of the Irish Lotto, and back when she first won she told lottery officials that she wanted to remain grounded and keep a hold of her normal life. Not long ago, a Maryland lottery player in the USA won the first ever jackpot on a new scratch off ticket. Now, the 72-year-old record breaker has revealed that together with her husband John Joe, she has kept her lifestyle the same since the win. Recently an Irish Lotto winner said that his jackpot was a perfect replacement for losing his dream job.

In 1989 the Powers owned just 10 cows on their farm, and they kept their old Ford Fiesta for several years after the win took place. A UK Lotto winner from 2010 became a pig farmer after her £1.2 million win.

The Irish Lotto winner said that they ensured their children were instilled with moral values, and that they all remained quiet country dwellers. A man from Sydney who recently won $5.6 million on the Keno lottery also said that his life wouldn’t be changing despite his jackpot.

“A lot of people have been happy with their wealth and good fortune over the years but we’re quiet country people. We don’t go on about it,” Ms Power’s son, Declan, said, continuing to explain that he believes the value one places on money is to do with the way they’re brought up. “When you have nothing and get something, you appreciate it.”

Recently an Irish Lotto syndicate won a €500,000 EuroMillions prize on their first ever lottery ticket. The Power family did spend some money on homes for their children, but Declan Power insisted that the way they were brought up ensured that the Irish Lotto win didn’t change their lives. “We’re still grounded, we have the same friends. We have our houses but we stayed the same,” he said.

Mr Power said that if he was to give any advice to other Irish Lotto winners it would be to keep their win a secret and keep themselves as grounded as possible. “Mum was the first, that’s why she couldn’t stay private,” he explained of his mother’s fame.

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