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Anything is a joke for David Beudry from Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville South Shore in Quebec, Canada. Not so his $10m jackpot in in the July 14 Lotto Max draw, even if his wife initially underestimated their win.

It’s taken the couple two weeks to check their Lotto Max ticket. David only did so after reading on social media that the jackpot winner had yet to claim their prize. That’s like Fred Bedford from Indiana, who took a fortnight to realize he’d purchased a $50,000 winning Powerball ticket.

The South Shore resident had to ask his wife, Nancy Calixte to double-check it. “He stood up and he said, ‘oh my God, oh my God,'” Calixte recalled. She thought her husband might be playing a trick on her as “anything is a joke for him,” she laughed. Initially she thought their win was only $10,000 saying she didn’t see all the other zeroes. Kevin Young from Virginia, USA, thought his ticket was a loser but did in fact win him a $7.5m Mega Millions prize.

The couple went down to their local store and the cashier was in shock when seeing their Lotto Max jackpot winning ticket. Then they finally realized they were Lotto Max millionaires. “He said, ‘give me back my ticket please,'” Nancy said, laughing, “and I said ‘yes, yes, give us the ticket back’ and then we went home to tell the kids that we won.” It’s the latest big win in the state of Quebec. Ann-Marie Francis and her husband, Ian Warcup, won a $55m Lotto Max jackpot.

Beaudry says he’s only an occasional buyer of lottery tickets and is usually part of a group. For this draw though, the group tickets at the store were sold out, so he bought a solo Lotto Max ticket. The couple have said that they will be retiring from their jobs. David was working in a chemical factory, while his wife worked for Desjardins. That’s just what Carl Villeneuve did after he scooped $60m playing Lotto Max. Also, quick to quit their jobs were Mike and Tricia Montminy from Tilbury in Ontario, Canada after their $26m Lotto Max win.

David collected his prize on August 8 and said that they haven’t made any concrete plans for their Lotto Max win but Calixte has been a bit jealous of her friends enjoying trips to Jamaica, so now they can go there too.

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