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A couple from Maidstone in Kent, England, will use some of their £1m EuroMillions win to help their eight-month-old daughter who has significant health problems.

Adam and Amy Pryor became lottery millionaires after matching the Millionaire Maker code in the EuroMillions draw. Amy has recently quit her nursery manager job to look after Charlotte, while her husband has been working overtime aplenty to help pay for costly train journeys for appointments in London. Mr Pryor, 33, said he doesn’t believe in fate but the timing of their EuroMillions win came at a time when matters were looking grim, but “Lady Luck has stepped in and we couldn’t be more relieved.”

The couple discovered they had won a £1m EuroMillions prize in the August 29 draw when Adam received an email at 6am the morning after the draw. He was just getting up for work and when he saw the email thought his EuroMillions ticket had probably just won “a couple of quid “so he ignored it.

Charles and Deborah Bibbs from Virginia, USA, initially thought they’d won $250,000 but it turned out to be a $1m Mega Millions win. Englishman William Mullarkey believed that the email he received was spam but it turned out to be telling him about a £1m EuroMillions win.

An hour later Mr Pryor decided to check his email and still being a bit bleary-eyed thought it was £1,000 but then realized there were too many noughts and the win was actually £1m. An exhausted woman from Michigan, USA, struggled to see that her Grand Crossword scratch card had won $100,000.

The surprised player told his wife about their big win and she told him to shut up and stop being so silly, but he was telling the truth. It’s the latest win in Kent after Michelle and Sheila Yeomans won a £315,219 EuroMillions prize.

Mrs Pryor, 28, said they’d give all their EuroMillions winnings back in a heartbeat if it meant Charlotte’s health problems could be resolved, however this win means they can do their absolute best for her. That includes their first family holidays starting with one in the UK and then travelling to Disneyland. £500,000 Thunderball winner Stuart Andrew Sussex went on a Disney Magic cruise after his big win. Amy also fancies buying a cordless hoover but then thought perhaps they can afford a cleaner now.

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