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Violet Grimshaw from Norham, near Berwick in Northumberland, England, has spent the past 23 years buying lottery tickets from the same shop. Her patience has paid off with a £1m win in the August 18 EuroMillions draw.

The 63-year-old didn’t check her EuroMillions ticket straight away and it wasn’t even her who made the discovery that she’d purchased a £1m winning EuroMillions ticket. There was a pile of unchecked lottery tickets and Violet sent her husband John, 68, to the local store to see if any of them were winners and he was to get a massive surprise.

Mrs Grimshaw explained that as soon as her husband returned, she knew “something had happened with one of the tickets. “John was shaking and looked chalk white as he kept telling his wife to ‘call this number, call this number’. That meant phoning Camelot and Violet nearly went into shock when the EuroMillions win was confirmed.

Straight after, the lucky winner contacted her mother who got a bit confused and began telling everyone her daughter had won £1,000. Mike Hanley from Michigan, USA, thought there’d been a mistake before confirming his $100,000 Powerball win. Bill Bett from Scotland won £1m on a scratch card but at first believed he’d just won a pint of milk.

Violet then contacted her children, Paul, 33, and Tanya, 31, who struggled to believe the amazing news of the EuroMillions win. Their mother is feeling the same way, finding it hard to come to terms with becoming a millionaire.

The EuroMillions winners says that their house is in desperate need for a new kitchen, so that’s top of her spending list. That will be followed by makeovers for other rooms in her house. A $250,000 Hoosier Lottery scratch card winner from Indiana, USA, also used her big win for house renovations.

She also plans to treat her children and go on a family holiday. An Irish couple finally went on honeymoon after their €500,000 EuroMillions Plus win. Violet retired three years ago from her job at the Tweed View Residential Care Home. Since then she’s spent a lot of time knitting and dress making, so will also buy herself a new sewing machine.

Her winning EuroMillions ticket was purchased from her local Mace store in Norham. On Friday September 15, there’s a EuroMillions Superdraw with a jackpot of €130m (£115m). Don’t miss it and purchase your tickets online at