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A couple from London, Ontario, in Canada, have seen their 30-year loyalty to the same numbers pay off as they won $5 million on the Lotto 649.

Larry and Cynthia Cluness, from the town of London in Western Ontario, have been playing the same numbers on the national Lotto 649 game for the last 30 years, and on September 23rd they saw their long-standing tradition pay off. “Almost 30 years ago, we purchased a Quick Pick ticket and have stuck with those numbers ever since,” Mr Cluness told Lotto 649 officials as the two of them claimed their prize in Toronto. A recent Powerball winner from North Carolina had been playing the same numbers for 32 years.

Mr Cluness traditionally visits his local gas station twice a week, both to fill up his car and to check his lottery tickets, and on the day of their win, he did exactly as he usually does. “I never use the ticket checker – I always hand my tickets to the clerk,” he said, explaining that when the clerk scanned the ticket for him, the terminal froze. A Lotto 649 winner from Montreal had also used the same numbers for a long time before he won.

“The words ‘Big Winner’ came up on the screen and the clerk yelled out ‘You won $5 million!’” Mr Cluness said. The winner then went home to share the news with his wife, who told Lotto 649 officials that she’d never seen her husband so shaken before. A bus driver from Worcester in England said he was also “shaking” with excitement after he won £250,000 on the National Lottery.

“When Larry walked in the door, he was shaking and tearing up,” she said. “When he told me the good news – I couldn’t believe it.” The couple soon got their heads around their Lotto 649 fortune, however, as they began thinking about all the things they are now able to do thanks to their winnings.

“I have a friend in Holland who often comes to visit us, I’ve always told her that once we win the big one, we’d visit her,” Mrs Cluness said of their immediate plans, which are similar to those of an English EuroMillions winner who wanted to visit a friend in the USA. The couple also hope to be able to make sure their futures and those of their children and grandchildren are financially secure, just like a couple from Queensland in Australia who won $3 million on the Australian Powerball.

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