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A grandmother from Maryland has won a huge $50,000 prize on a Maryland Lottery scratch card ticket, and said her grandkids will have the best Christmas yet.

The lottery player, from Sparrows Point in Maryland, USA, won the top $50,000 prize in the Maryland Lottery’s Gold scratch card game, and said she was so shocked when she realised her fortune that she got the shakes. The lucky winner told lottery officials that she bought his Gold scratch card ticket from a Lottery vending machine at a convenience store in Baltimore and took it home with her to scratch card. A family in Dublin recently won €4.5 million on the Irish Lotto, but it was the grandchildren who were set to benefit.

“I said, ‘I’m not going to win,’ and then I got a 34”, she said. “I figure, ‘Let’s see what I won.’” The scratch card ticket indicated that one of the winning numbers was 34, and when she uncovered a matching 34, she scratched off the prize amount to reveal how much she had won. Another Maryland grandmother recently scooped $10,000 on a scratch card lottery ticket, and planned to buy a new car.

“I just couldn’t comprehend it,” the 70 year old grandmother of eight said. “I was shaking just like I am now.” As her husband of 40 years was out, the Maryland Lottery winner called a friend who runs a bar, and asked if he could check over her ticket for her. When she arrived at her friend’s bar and he confirmed that she’d won $50,000, she couldn’t believe it. A recent Mega Millions winner from Michigan said he just couldn’t get his head around his big $1 million win.

Now that the money is in the bank, just like a lot of lottery winners including a couple from Wales who won £1 million on the EuroMillions, the Maryland Lottery winner said that she plans to spend it on buying a newer car, and a spoiling her grandchildren and great-grandchildren for the upcoming holiday period. A $25 million Australian Powerball winner was also eager to spoil her grandchildren after her big win. The Edgemere Convenience Store in Baltimore, where the winning Maryland Lottery Gold scratch card was purchased, received a $500 bonus from the lottery for selling a winning ticket.

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